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1288 1882 12 8 201 CREE TREATY NO. 6 -- ADHESION BY CREE INDIANS 127 II

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Date: 1882/12/08

200 202

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Transcribed Source Document

No. 201.

WHEREAS, Big Bear, a Cree Chief, on behalf of his Band, comprising thirty lodges, inhabitants of the country covered by the treaty commonly known as "Treaty Number Six," made between Her Majesty the Queen, by Her Commissioners the Honourable Alexander Morris, the Honourable James McKay and the Honourable William Joseph Christie, of the one part, and the Plain and Wood Cree Tribe of Indians of the other part at Carlton, on the twenty-third and twenty-eighth days of August, and near Fort Pitt on the ninth day of September, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six, who have not yet given in their adherence to the said Treaty, have presented themselves to Allan MacDonald, Esq., Indian Agent of Treaty Number Four, and expressed a desire to join in the same treaty; and whereas the said Indian Agent has recognized the said "Big Bear" as the Chief of their Band.

NOW THIS INSTRUMENT WITNESSETH, that the said "Big Bear," for himself and on behalf of the Band which he represents, does transfer, surrender and relinquish to Her Majesty the Queen, Her heirs and successors, to and for the use of Her Government of the Dominion of Canada, all his right, title and interest whatsoever, which he has held or enjoyed, of, in and to the territory described and fully set out in the said treaty; also all his right, title and interest whatsoever to all other lands wherever situated, whether within the limits of any other treaty heretofore made or hereafter to be made with Indians, or elsewhere in Her Majesty's territories, to have and to hold the same unto and for the use of Her Majesty the Queen, Her heirs and successors forever. And do hereby agree to accept the several benefits, payments and reserves promised to the Indians, adhering to the said treaty at Carlton and Fort Pitt on the dates above mentioned; and further, do solemnly engage to abide by, carry out and fulfil all the stipulations, obligations and conditions contained on the part of the Indians therein named, to be observed and performed, and in all things to conform to the articles of the said treaty as if the said "Big Bear" and the Band which he represents had been originally contracting parties thereto, and had been present at the treaty at Carlton and Fort Pitt, and had then attached his signature to the said treaty as Chief of the said Band.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Allan MacDonald, Esquire, Indian Agent, and the said "Big Bear," Chief of the said Band, hereby giving his adhesion to the said treaty, have hereunto subscribed and set their hands at Fort Walsh, in the said North-West Territories, this eighth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two.

Signed by the parties hereto, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, the same having been explained to the Indians by the said Allan MacDonald, Esq., Indian Agent, through the Interpreter, Peter Hourie and Louis Leveillee.

Joe Tanner,

Peter Hourie,

Louis Leveillee,

Pie a pot, Chief.

A. G. Irvine, Lt.-Col., Com. N.W.M.P.

John Cotton, Superintendent and Adjutant, N.W.M.P.

Augustus Jakes, M.B., F.S.C., Lond., Surgeon, N.W.M.P.

Frank Norman, Inspector, N.W.M.P.

A. Shurtliff, Superintendent, N.W.M.P.

W. R. Abbott, Sergeant-Major, N.W.M.P.

W. Routledge, Corporal, N.W.M.P.

Allan MacDonald, Indian Agent, Treaty No. 4.

Big Bear, (Chief.)

Recorded 30th March, 1883.

Lib. 80, Fol. 624.

L. A. Catellier,

Deputy Registrar-General of Canada.

  1. Canada Department of Indian Affairs. Indian Treaties and Surrenders, from 1680-1890. Ottawa: S.E. Dawson printer to the King’s most excellent majesty, 1905.