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Source document pg. 1[1]

Transcribed Source Document


Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Privy Council, approved by His Excellency the Governor General in Council on the 30th April, 1875.

On a memorandum dated 27th April, 1875, from the Honourable the Minister of the Interior, bringing under consideration the very unsatisfactory state of affairs arising out of the so-called “outside promises” in connection with the Indian Treaties Nos. 1 and 2, Manitoba and North-west Territories, concluded, the former on the 3rd August, 1871, and the latter on 21st of the same month, and recommending for the reasons stated :—

1st. That the written memorandum attached to Treaty No. 1 be considered as part of that treaty and of Treaty No. 2, and that the Indian Commissioner be instructed to carry out the promises therein contained, in so far as they have not yet been carried out, and that the Commissioner be advised to inform the Indians that he has been authorized so to do.

2nd. That the Indian Commissioner be instructed to inform the Indians, parties to Treaties Nos. 1 and 2, that, while the Government cannot admit their claim to anything which is not set forth in the treaty, and in the memorandum attached thereto, which treaty is binding alike upon the Government and upon the Indians, yet, as there seems to have been some misunderstanding between the Indian Commissioner and the Indians in the matter of Treaties Nos. 1 and 2, the Government, out of good feeling to the Indians and as a matter of benevolence, is willing to raise the annual payment to each Indian under Treaties Nos. 1 and 2, from $3 to $5 per annum, and make payment over and above such sum of $5, of $20 each and every year to each Chief, and a suit of clothing every three years to each Chief and each Headman, allowing two Headmen to each band, on the express understanding, however, that each Chief or other Indian who shall receive such increased annuity or annual payment shall be held to abandon all claim whatever against the Government in connection with the so-called “outside promises,” other than those contained in the memorandum attached to the treaty. The Committee submit the foregoing recommendation for Your Excellency’s approval.

W. A. Himsworth,

Clerk Privy Council,


W. A. Himsworth,

Clerk Privy Council.

We, the undersigned Chiefs and Headmen of Indian bands, representing bands of Indians who were parties to the Treaties Nos. 1 and 2, mentioned in the report of a Committee of the Queen’s Privy Council of Canada, above printed, having had communication thereof, and fully understanding the same assent thereto and accept the increase of annuities therein mentioned, on the condition therein stated, and with the assent and approval of their several hands, it being agreed, however, with the Queen’s Commissioners, that the number of braves and councillors for each Chief shall be four, as at present, instead of two, as printed 1875.

Treaty No. 2, 23rd August, 1875.

In presence of the following :

Alex. Morris, L.G., [L.8.]

James McKay,

Jamus F. Graham,

Isaac Cowie,

Francis Field,

John A. Davidson,

Charles Wood.

Representing East-Manitoba or Elm Point:

Son-sonse, Chief,




Representing Fairford Prairie:

Ma-sah-kee-yash, Chief,

Davin Marsden, Councillor.

Joseph Sumner, Councillor.

Fairford Mission:

Richars Woodhouse, Chief,

John Anderson, Councillor,

John Thompson, Counsellor.

Formerly Crane River and now Ebb and Flow Lake:

Penaise, Chief,

(son of deceased Broken Finger.)

Baptiste, Councillor,

Kah-nee-qua-nash, Councillor,

Representing Water Hen Band:

Ka-tah-kak-wa-na-yaas, Chief,

Wa-wah-kow-wek-ah-pow, Councillor.

Representing the Turtle River and Valley River and Riding Mountain:

Kee-sick-koo-we-nin, Chief,

(in place of Mekis, dead.)

Kee-say-kee-sick, Councillor,

Nos-quash, Brave,

Baptiste, Brave.

Representing the St. Peter’s Band:

Mis-koo-ke-new (or Red Eagle),





Recorded, 13th March, 1877.

Lib. 44, Fol. 1

L. A. Catellier,

Dep. Registrar General of Canada.

  1. Canada Department of Indian Affairs. Indian Treaties and Surrenders, from 1680-1890. Ottawa: S.E. Dawson printer to the King’s most excellent majesty, 1905.